The strategic partnership between Zhongwo and Newamstar upgraded in a comprehensive way

Jiyuan, located at the intersection of northwest Henan and southeastern Shanxi, bordering Taihang Mountains in the north, and adjacent to Jincheng, Shanxi province; the Yellow River to the south, Jiyuan is always called “Henan Northwest portal” since ancient times covering an area of 1931 square kilometers with 680,000 population. It was a county in the dynasty of Sui in Kaihuang 16 years (AD 596), was in 1988changed to a city and was upgraded to provincial city in 1997, being one of 18 provincial cities in Henan Province and one of the historical and cultural city in China.

Since ancient times, emperors, generals and men of letters frequented this place to write poems with ink and brush. Bai Juyi once praised it as “good Jiyuan landscape” and the Qing Emperor Qianlong praised it as “famous historical site.” Relying on abundant natural resources and cultural landscape, Jiyuan developed four major tourism brands: Wangwushan, Wu Long Kou, Xiaolangdi, Ji Dumiao. ” Jiyuan is famous for the water of Jishui, which is said to be the birthplace the Foolish Old Man in the legend. For thousands of years, perseverance and spirit of the Foolish Old Man always inspire people to accelerate the development of Jiyuan lasting power and valuable spiritual wealth.

In this beautiful scenery and mild climate of Jiyuan, Henan Industrial Co. emerged on the fertile land for sustainable development. The company was founded in 1999, which specializes in the production and sales of high-quality beverage. It covers an area of 190,000 square meters with 1,900 employees and nearly 300 management and technical personnel. It also owns six factories, 36 modern production lines with annual production capacity of 500,000 tons.
Zhongwo is formerly known as “Jiyuan Palace winery,” which originally produced sparkling wine and the first 6,000 bottles / glass of sparkling wine production line was provided by Newamstar. In the next ten years, from 5000 bottles / hour low-speed production line to 24,000 bottles / hour high-speed 5-in-1 moderate temperature filling production line, Newamstar has provided nearly 20 beverage production lines for Zhongwo, witnessing the sweet development process of Zhongwo all the way. In a number of cooperation, the two heads discussed beverage industry trends pleasantly and carefully analyzed the advantages of the region to actively build green, low-carbon, environmentally friendly production method.

Friendship is deeper with faster development. Now Newamstar has been among the ranks of international outstanding enterprises, and Zhongwo is thriving and dominating in the industry. Zhongwo has accumulated six series of products in the development and production: functional drinks, water, vegetable protein drinks, fruit pulp juice drinks, carbonated beverage and solid beverage to meet different consumer groups in different seasons. Now, the company has the famous products: physical energy series, Wangwu Rock Springs soda and talent the 1st walnut, which are sold to the country.

In 2011, the strategic partnership between Zhongwo and Newamstar upgraded in a comprehensive way. After the Spring Festival, the two sides discussed with each other deeply on the domestic beverage market trends, market dynamics and modes of production. With the stable brand market and sophisticated production management of Zhongwo, supplemented with Newamstar exquisite processing technology and skillful engineering installation, the two sides signed cooperation agreement of the first 24,000 bottles / hour 5-in-1 moderate temperature filling production line in May 2011, and the line went into operation at the end of the year. In 2012, the two sides cooperated together again for scheduled delivery of the second production line.
In 2013, functional beverage sales market was booming, the chairman Mr. Wang Huaixuan of Zhongwo Company adhered to be the “first-class product, first-class brand for a hundred years”, which promoted the rapid growth of its product sales. In May, July, August of the same year, Zhongwo and Newamstar signed three 24,000 bottles / hour 5-in-1 moderate temperature filling production lines respectively.

As concept creator of “moderate temperature filling”, Newamstar does her best in innovation and development for escalating of the mature production lines, consistently providing customers with a comprehensive solution for the whole plant, dedicated to help customers build the ideal plant. Meanwhile, as Newamstar strategic partner in Central Plains, “Zhongwo” also provided valuable experience in the process of technological innovation of moderate temperature filling. From the operation of the first production line, to the subsequent lines’ presence, the two sides always have friendly and mutual cooperation, and common understanding. In operation, the technical staffs of both sides have paid a lot of sweat from equipment maintenance to piping design, from the parts to the machine running.
Newamstar and Zhongwo knew each other in cooperation with boundless vitality to write economic development carols one after another. I believe that the cooperation will be bound to go smoothly all the way in the future!

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Since its founding, Newamstar, under the concept of “Driving development through innovation and winning the market with quality”, has been providing global customers in the five fields of beverages, dairy , liquors, condiments and daily chemicals with complete sets of intelligent equipment and comprehensive solutions for water treatment, pre-distribution, blowing, filling, secondary packaging, handling robots, intelligent stereo warehouses, etc., realizing the dream of “Made in China, Made for World”. From the support of formulation process, the three-dimensional design of product bottle to the overall engineering layout of users’ factory, from the R&D and design of core equipment, the installation and commissioning of engineering project, to the multi-dimensional training of operators, it has served Coke, Danone, Nestle, Otsuka, Wahaha, Dali, C’estbon, Ganten, Nongfu Spring, COFCO, Haday, Luhua, Hengshun, Nice and other famous brands at home and abroad. It has more than 2200 production lines in more than 80 countries and regions around the world.

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