Newamstar & Haitian Group build new domestic industry structure of condiment

Haitian Group and Newamstar, are leading enterprise in Chinese condiment industry and domestic well-know packaging machinery supplier respectively. Intersection of these two reflects the constantly developed era.

After serious field trips and detailed business communication in Newamstar. A consensus was reached soon with our same expectation and perspective, a new PET (4.9L) soy sauce line contract which capacity is 4,000BPH was signed. That’s a new achievement for Newamstar in condiment packaging industry after we supplied four worldwide highest speed soy sauce line to JiaJia Group in 2012. We have stepped into a new stage, developing with the changing condiment industry structure.

Design, manufacture, installation and commissioning, every step is under seriously control. The soy sauce line was successfully accepted with the efforts from efficient Newamstar team, the efficiency is as high as international standard to be 95%. Good comprehensive strength, professional capability and customer service of Newamstar satisfied Haitian finally, especially the introduction of weighting-sensor filling and double defoaming structure which realize convenient filling process and intelligent management.

Look back the development process of Newamstar, started from beverage and beer filling field to daily use chemical and condiment industry, with concept innovation, resources integration, products R&D and equipment upgrade, Newamstar is getting larger and own core high-tech products like combiblock and aseptic filling line. Many new series and patented products were developed, more than 1,500 lines or turn-key projects were supplied to home and abroad customers which won worldwide acclaim.

In 2011, Newamstar aimed at condiment industry with full preparation and profound perspective, we believe final achievement will come after building strong base and experience accumulation.

A new soy sauce line, a new start between Newamstar and Haitian. Nowadays, in fast-paced modern life, traditional condiment industry is becoming modernized, specialized and large scale, that’s Haitian’s aim——to be the largest, most advanced group of condiment production and sales.

Newamstar will strive with outstanding condiment enterprise like Haitian to create happy life for people and revitalize national industry!

About Newamstar Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.

China high-end liquid(beverage) packaging machinery R&D and manufacturing base, is committed to build smart factories with turnkey solutions for liquid(beverage) companies.

Since its founding, Newamstar, under the concept of “Driving development through innovation and winning the market with quality”, has been providing global customers in the five fields of beverages, dairy , liquors, condiments and daily chemicals with complete sets of intelligent equipment and comprehensive solutions for water treatment, pre-distribution, blowing, filling, secondary packaging, handling robots, intelligent stereo warehouses, etc., realizing the dream of “Made in China, Made for World”. From the support of formulation process, the three-dimensional design of product bottle to the overall engineering layout of users’ factory, from the R&D and design of core equipment, the installation and commissioning of engineering project, to the multi-dimensional training of operators, it has served Coke, Danone, Nestle, Otsuka, Wahaha, Dali, C’estbon, Ganten, Nongfu Spring, COFCO, Haday, Luhua, Hengshun, Nice and other famous brands at home and abroad. It has more than 2200 production lines in more than 80 countries and regions around the world.

Product Solutions

  • Dairy Packaging
  • Alcohol Packaging
  • Beverage Packaging
  • Condiment Packaging
  • Daily Chemicals Packaging
  • Production-and-Storage-Integrated Smart Factory

Adhering to the corporate mission of “Helping customers build an ideal factory,” Newamstar builds a service that “Surpasses customer expectations and exceeds industry standards” with quick response, professional technology, and considerate service attitude, and creates value for customers wholeheartedly.

With high-quality equipment, perfect service, and strong turn-key service capabilities, Newamstar helps customers achieve a high-efficiency operation of equipment and technical innovation and upgrade to join hands with customers for a win-win situation.

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